Thursday, 11 April 2013

Counter strike 1.6 Non steam +patch+Bots+full pc game

Counter strike 1.6 Non steam:

Counter strike 1.6 non steam is one of the most entrusted game of the world and most useful .in this you play in one group from to groups .
 this game is for those who like counter strike 1.6 but never knew extractly how to find and  complete download this properly.tight here in this site, I provide  this download and also a good toterial for you to understand better hte process for all youhave to do play correctly counter strike 1.6 non steam on your pc and online in the world.

System requirements :

  1. 500 Mhz processor.
  2. 96 MB ram.

  1. 2048 Mhz processor .
  2. 256 Mb ram and
  3. 32 Mb graphic card.

  1. Cs 16 full.
  2. Patch v32b_sitecs-protocol-47-48
  3. patch sitesCs
  4. sXe injected setu allow.

 click on download button to download  Counter strike 1.6 Non steam +patch+Bots+full pc game for free..

  • download and install it for free.
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sedra bangash said...

thank you

Bilal Memon said...

Counter Strike Source PC Game Full Version Free Download

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